3 Reasons Your Beard Oil Scent May Change or Fade

Ever get a whiff of a scent and think, ‘THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!’ and then later in the day, not be that impressed with it?  Either the scent is different or you just can’t smell it at all?  Have you ever had the opposite happen— where you just didn’t like a scent out of the bottle, but suddenly you apply it and it’s amazing?

Well, believe it or not, a beard oil scent can and will change after you apply it— and it’s due to a number of reasons!  Some of which are unique to YOU.

Reason #1 - The Chemistry Of A Scent

This is a universal thing, no matter who you are.  Many scents can last a long time, while others just don’t seem to last all that long.  Much of this can be caused by what are known as Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes, and how they can impact a scent’s staying power in your beard.

Top notes are those things that you smell when you first open up the bottle.  Those are typically the lightest parts of a scent, and the ones that will fade first.  Citruses and light florals (like some forms of Lavender and Clary Sage) tend to fall into this category.  They’re great up front, but they will fade faster on their own.

Middle notes are what you smell a few minutes after applying your beard oil, coming forward as some of the top notes fade. They are a bit deeper than the top notes, and usually comprise the real “meat” of the scent. These are where your spices like cinnamon and clove, herbs like lemongrass, and sweet notes like fruits & vanillas are going to land.

Base notes are those that form the foundation of a scent, and mingle with the top and middle notes to bring depth to a blend. These often linger the longest, sometimes for 12+ hours, and are what remains of a beard oil scent once the middle and top notes are gone.  These are scents like patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and vetiver.  You may not even know these are in a beard oil scent, since they mingle well with the other notes, and can change to something new.

The relationship between top, middle and base notes is the reason you should never judge a beard oil scent just by sniffing the bottle.

Reason #2 - It’s Right Under Your Nose

This is a common reason why scents ‘don’t seem to last’ for some people, and that’s because they have ‘nose blindness.’  Nose blindness is a term used to describe what happens when a scent is present but your brain has decided it’s not a threat or a new thing, so it doesn’t need to keep processing the scent (reminding you it’s there).  Other people can still smell it, but you yourself cannot. 

An example of nose blindness is how someone’s house smells to them versus how it smells to you.  You may smell fresh paint or furniture or carpet (or even mildew), but the person living there has become used to it and is no longer smelling it— they are now ‘nose blind.’

A trick professional perfume creators use, is to sniff fresh coffee grounds for a few moments to help ‘reset’ their nose, with the thinking that the strong, fresh smell of the beans will help override any nose blindness.

So, before you decide a beard oil scent hasn’t lasted, chat up a friendly companion and ask them to ‘smell your beard.’  Could be a great new pickup line!

Reason #3 - Your Personal Body Chemistry

This is a big one, and one that is often overlooked as a main driver of how a beard oil scent is perceived.  It’s also (sadly) mostly out of your direct control. 

Your age, what you eat regularly, whether you smoke or vape, or even what bacteria live in and on your body, can make a beard oil scent smell amazing on you, and flat out terrible on your best buddy.

Then there are the changes in your hormones, which can fluctuate fairly regularly, due to your stress levels or your activity levels.  Even your job plays a role.  For example, mechanics and butchers often smell like their shop for a few hours after work.

Even having a cold can impact the way you smell, and not just because your nose is stuffed up!  Certain viruses and infections change your scent because they send your immune system into overdrive. 

Experiment To See What’s Right For You!

All of these things directly impact how a beard oil scent smells to each person, and how long it lasts, or is perceived to last.  The beauty is how individual it is, and how there’s just about something for everyone!  This is why we offer our sampler sets, so you can try out a variety of our beard oil scents, before you commit to a larger size. 

Also, don’t be afraid to blend and mix scents, as they can sometimes make more amazing blends that you’ll enjoy!

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