How to Significantly Improve Your Beard in LESS Than a Minute

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Here’s the big misconception...

Having a truly epic beard is not as simple as just not shaving...

Ya sure to just have a beard it is, but to have a truly epic beard you need to follow a few easy steps...

This article is meant to be a guideline of simple daily steps for you to follow to dramatically improve your beard.

There are things you can do beyond what we cover here which we will get into detail later, but these are the absolute MOST important that will have the biggest impact on your beard IMMEDIATELY.

Your morning beard routine should start the same way every day...


Wash your beard when you shower.

No different than the hair on your head, your beard needs to be washed regularly using your beard wash or equivalent.

Depending on your profession (work indoors/outdoors), you may not need to deep wash every day but use some common sense here.

Make sure to avoid bar soaps or any soap that will dry out your beard and skin, this will only damage your beard.


Allow your beard to dry before you comb. Combing it while it’s wet will result in hair loss and none of us want that! If you are in a hurry, you can hit it with a blow dryer but make sure the hair is not still hot from the dryer before you comb.

APPLY OIL - Yes, beard oil is necessary fellas.

Oil acts as the foundation for your beard, ensuring your beard hairs stay moisturized which will help promote healthier and fuller growth as well as reduce breakage and eliminate beard itch.

Oil should be applied from under your beard working it into the skin, and then throughout your beard, not just simply put on the outside of your beard! The oils need to get to the root of the hair to really be effective.

COMB IT OUT - the single MOST IMPORTANT step to having an epic beard!

Yes, there is a proper way to comb your beard!

Begin by starting under your beard and coming upward and outward, starting at your neck and working your way up to your chin and cheeks. This will separate all of the hairs so they appear fuller. I mean, who doesn’t like a fuller beard?

Once you’ve worked your way up to your cheeks and your entire beard has been brushed up to add fullness, simply comb the beard straight down to style your beard just the way you want it.

You can hit the mustache with a quick comb pulling the hairs out to the side away from your mouth and boom, you’re out the door in no time.

Some of the benefits of combing your beard daily with a high quality beard comb are:

  • Prevent ingrown hairs by training the hairs to grow in the right direction
  • Train your mustache to stay off your lip
  • Evenly distribute oil throughout your beard so ensure perfect coverage
  • Adds appearance of fuller beard while still having hairs lying in one direction
  • Shaping to your desired styling preference

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  • Dominique Brown

    Can the beard soap bar be used every night? It says it eliminates the need to use product at night before bed or would just using oil and butter be a better option for a softer, more hydrated beard?

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