How To Upkeep Your Beard This Winter

So the cold is here gentlemen and no doubt you’re starting to feel it. The thing is, as the seasons change bringing about new conditions, so do our beards. Winter months tend to bring lower humidity and freezing cold winds, which tends to dry out the beard and skin, weaken the hairs and turn your beard into a mess if you don’t look after it. These quick tips will help you stay on top of your beard care routine this winter to avoid any cold looks!

Resist the urge to use hot water

As tempting as it can be to jump in a steamy hot shower to ward off the cold air, doing so is not good for your beard and skin. Hot water strips both your hair and skin of its natural oils, making them drier. The drier you beard and the skin underneath, the more brittle and more easily it is and most likely to pop causing split ends/breakage.

Moisturize the skin underneath your beard

You MUST do this daily in the winter, twice a day. Keeping both your beard and the skin beneath it moisturized is key to a beard, making it through winter minimally damaged and healthy. We recommend using our Premium Beard Oil to get the job done. After you shower while your beard is damp, pat your beard dry with a Microfiber Hair Towel. While your beard is damp, this is the best time to add a beard oil. Make sure to massage all over your beard and deeply into the skin beneath. Remember, applying oil while the hairs are still damp helps lock in the moisture.

Comb AND brush

After applying oil to your beard, spend a few seconds combing through it. This allows the oils to be evenly distributed through your beard. After combing, you must brush it! Brushing your beard helps manage its appearance and stimulates the hair follicles at the root, getting your blood circulating which makes for a healthier fuller beard appearance.

Although we love winter because our fashion game comes strong with the many layers of clothing necessary to be out and about, it can be hell on your beard. So make sure you're doing what you can to upkeep your appearance and exemplifying what it means to be a gentleman of Voyade. 

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