12 Tips That Multiply Results For Entrepreneurs

I recently had a conversation with a very close friend of mine and a question arose that really got me thinking. We were discussing the state of entrepreneurs today and if they are headed in a very bright direction for 2022. 

He asked me, “What are some changes you believe that most entrepreneurs should make to become unstoppable this year?” 

We stayed up practically all night discussing that question. I’m talking white boards, theories, and even idea charts. I’m not going to put you through all of that in this article, but I will give you the simple 12 step version of what I came up with.

To truly become unstoppable, there are a few changes that one must make to dominate the market. I’m not going to give you the proper marketing plans or the best automation tools to date in this article either. But that doesn’t make what you’ll about to learn briefly any less important. Because all these changes must be made from…..WITHIN.

  1. Take On FULL 100% RESPONSIBILITY For Your Results: Way too often do I hear complaints coming from so called “entrepreneurs” about how they “would have done better if the circumstances were more in their favor” or how “if it wasn’t for “so and so”, their project would have been a hit!” Blah, blah, blah. Listen, the first step to become unstoppable is to stop allowing small hiccups to halt you in your tracks. You had a hand in why your project didn’t succeed quite as well. Own up to it. Focus on moving forward.

  2. Be In A Rush To Get It WRONG: No more stalling. No more planning. No more training. It’s time to get out there and DO it. I met countless entrepreneurs that didn’t go anywhere in their business because they were so concerned about knowing everything before they got started. This may seem logical, but it’s business suicide. An entrepreneur who does one hundred thousand presentations with little training will be more successful than the entrepreneur whose had more training and never stood up to do a single presentation. Too many people are focused on never making a mistake. Thinking like this is the mistake. Hurry up and get all of the mistakes out now so that you can learn from them. The only thing there will be left is the right things to do.

  3. Make More Trips to Online and Offline Bookstores: I’m a big believer in personal development. It’s definitely one of the most effective tactics to use while you’re building your empire. Self development helps you to develop new skills and knowledge that will take your business to the next level. I see a lot of entrepreneurs skip over this crucial component. Finding books of people who have already either done what you want to do or learned lessons within the same field can be a blessing and will come in handy once you apply what you learned.

  4. Find a Mentor: Mentors may be one of the most important steps here. I knew this one entrepreneur who constantly took on mentors who were no better than her. They literally were friends! The problem with this is that your mentor is supposed to be better than you! Not more deserving, just better than you in skills, knowledge, and experience. It’s difficult learning from someone who is stuck on the same level as you. So if this is the change that you are currently on, find someone who can shorten your learning curve by a few years. I suggest you find a Meetup somewhere in your area and place yourself amongst other like-minded individuals. Your mentor-to-be could be there waiting for you.

  5. Start Knowing You’re Going To Suck At First: There is no point in resisting this or procrastinating any longer. Just get started. Your first product won’t be perfect. This is how a true entrepreneur thinks. This change will place you on the road to mastering almost anything. When I started to post videos online, I was terrible! The quality was horrible, the lighting was tragic, and I was stumbling all over my words. I got only 60 views on it to this day. However, as I kept going, my video editing skills improved as well. The same thing happened when I was creating the cover of my first book. The quality sucked because the picture on the front was completely pixelated. Today, my covers are a work of art. Which leads me to the next change that must be made.

  6. Repeat At Least 10-20 Times to Reach Novice Level: There is magic in repetition. If you do something enough times, you’ll definitely improve over time. So if you turn up the heat and double your repetitions, you get better even faster. There is no point in procrastinating this step. Not if you want to become unstoppable this year.

  7. Invite Others Over To Play: I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I’ve coached that honestly believed with all of their hearts that they were an island. That they didn’t need anyone’s help to become massively successful. They couldn’t have been more wrong. No millionaire, no unstoppable entrepreneur I have ever met who runs a multimillion dollar company, built it by themselves. They always had a team and so should you. Find other people who are just as excited as you to help make your dream a reality. There are so many like minded people out there, waiting for you to invite them over to play.

  8. Embrace Complete and Total Rejection: The best way to take off a bandage is to rip it off quickly! It will sting temporarily, but the pain goes away after a few seconds. This is how taking rejection works. If you have a product or business idea that you want to pitch to investors or prospects, go in knowing that a great percentage of these people will tell you “NO”. Just get it over with and you’ll be a lot happier. I always say that “I don’t need everybody to be onboard. Just those who matter.” By “those who matter”, I’m referring to those who said “YES”. Rejection is actually a good thing. It will tear down your ego first. Then over time will build up your BOLDNESS.

  9. Remove “Can’t” and “Try” Out of Your Vocabulary: I lost track of the number of young, ambitious, and hungry entrepreneurs whose success hung in the balance because they wouldn’t stop saying “can’t” and “try”.

    This is the beginning to every epic excuse out there. These two very dangerous and destructive words can sidetrack even the greatest of entrepreneurs. In 2017, there is no more room for excuses and definitely no more room for half measures. If you are going to do something, do it.

    To help you eject these words out of your vocabulary, do this exercise (you’ll love it). The next time you’re about to sit down, “try” to sit. As you will see, you will sit. Either you do it or you don’t. It’s all really that simple. Then do a push up while you keep telling yourself that you “can’t”. You’ll notice that your strength will leave you because whatever you tell yourself, your body will do. That word takes away your mental resources. So if you feel you “can’t” be more innovative, then you won’t.

  10. Look Forward To Change: The one thing that is constant in this world is change. Most people fear it. You on the other hand will not. Change will happen and if it doesn’t happen in your business, I’m afraid you’re going to have a hard time keeping up with the world. Have you ever been to a “mom and pop” store that had no technology in it? I mean no internet, no option to swipe a credit or debit card, no anything? How is that business doing in today’s economy?

    Not as well as the other stores that embraced the changing tide within the marketplace. You must look forward to change. As the world evolves, the way you do business must evolve with it or you could find yourself out of luck and even worse, out of business.

  11. Become a LEARNER: I worked with many entrepreneurs that thought that they knew it all. They felt like they were untouchable and nothing could stop them. Their problem was that they didn’t need to know anything else because they felt they “were good”. To become unstoppable, your learning must not stop.

    You must always be ready to learn something new. There is a beautiful saying that sums this change up nicely. “The learners will inherit the world fore they look forward to the future while the learned will be beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.” It’s hard to make profit in 2017 when you’re working with outdated information.

  12. Focus On Activities That Get You Paid: This is a huge change for many to make. Many entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on activities that may not help bring in profit. I worked with people who focused more on reading a lot of books on their subject instead of finding and securing clients.

    Reading is fine, but realize that it won’t produce a payment anytime soon. Maybe 3 months from now, but not today. So focus more on applying what you learn as soon as possible. Focus more on executing your plan now. Come up with a list of steps that you go through to make your business work. Once you do that, mark out the steps that has nothing to do with getting you paid now. Then focus on that step. Anyone can do a bunch of research on selling. But you won’t sell a thing unless you go and sell.

2022 will be a wild year and there are other entrepreneurs in your niche that are doing things you refused to do right now. All in all, ACTION is the main lesson here. If you’re slow about doing that, realize that you will be passed up. These 12 tweaks should help you skyrocket your business. Work on these and I guarantee that this year will be one for the record books!

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