How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Empire Through Community

I've personally been going to Hotep (my barber) since they first opened up Essel Hair Salon and Spa in Virginia Beach back in 2011. He left such an impression on me back then, I personally flew from California when I lived there to Virginia JUST to get my haircut when I needed it for big events. One thing is for certain, you'll walk out of this shop not only with the freshest cut that ever graced your head, but also a little more wiser than you were before you walked in. I'll always remember the many conversations that went down in this shop and the lessons learned about culture, people, business, and most importantly, the proper mindset to live a full, happy life. 

What made this shop even more charming was the amount of love that I saw the customers had for Hotep and the crew (the other barbers in the shop). Some of those customers been getting their haircut from Hotep since their teen years. Even though you wouldn't have guessed that considering how young Hotep looks (age 49). Speaking to some of them over the years, Hotep taught them a great deal about manhood, self-love, and living to serve others while getting a fresh cut. Which is understandable because Hotep is wise WELL BEYOND his years. You'll love talking to this brother because you'll never walk away empty-hearted or empty-headed. 

Truthfully, I couldn't forget about the other brothers in there who cut just as well as Hotep. "P.I.C", Nic, Miguel, and Robo (ROB-o) add just as much positive energy to the shop. These are some to the most funniest, talented, loving, and solid brothers you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. I had my hair cut at least once by most of them. There will always be laughs, deep conversations, and even some fights going on in this shop (fights between brothers, all love though). Check out their social media on Facebook!

So yesterday, I decided to get an exclusive with Hotep and his wife Ma'at and not only celebrate the success of the barbershop, but also the opening of their second business, Anu Touch, a nail salon and massage parlor. It was amazing to see this expansion to their business. They bought this space after 8 years of running the barbershop. Most people who live in this area would remember the competing barbershop that the space used to belong to. 

That's the nature of business though. In the audio below, you'll understand why they dominated this area and placed themselves at the top of a very short list of incredible barbershop and salons to go to. Anu Touch was named after their youngest daughter and my little buddy, Anu (in the picture below).

Anu Touch is ran by Ma'at. It's the first nail salon I personally saw that served wine and champagne to customers while they were getting their nails and feet done. To be honest, its the first nail salon that I walked into that wasn't ran by Asian Americans. I personally invested into their massage service to test the waters. I wasn't disappointed at all as I walked away feeling like a new man. This, of course, happened after I got my hair cut that day. 

I was excited to hear their plans on expanding when I noticed that the empty space as being renovated a few months back. Miguel, one of the barbers, invested into this shop as well as did quite a bit of the renovations himself. It seems that when opportunity presents itself, these people will ALWAYS be the first to jump on it. Not only did they seize it, they knocked it out of the park.

From what I've saw, their service is excellent and has a promising future ahead of it. When you walk into this shop, you can feel a very familiar energy that you would feel if you came into a room full of people you trust. From the ambiance to the laughter, Anu Touch will be just as successful as Essel Salon. Speaking to the ladies within the shop, they're all excited about being a part of this new venture. 

With Anu Touch and Essel Salon literally next door, I found this to be a great way to spend a day with your significant other. While the brother goes to get his fresh cut, the sister can definitely get her pamper day on with amazing women. It's a win-win situation for both parties honestly. 

Overall, Hotep and Ma'at are destined for greatness within the business world. They serve as an amazing example of service, dedication, and perseverance over all obstacles that stood in their way over the years. They worked hard to accomplish this level of success and showed what it means to truly HUSTLE your way to the top. If you want to see the magic for yourself and honestly be influenced by it, please visit them at: 910 S Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Take a listen to our interview and learn what these amazing people provide to the community and what can you can use to take your own business to the next level. I'm giving you this interview in it's RAW form, so you'll get the experience of as if you were there. 

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