7 Commandments Of The Exceptional Black Man

As the gap between outstanding versus a standard lifestyle widens, and the middle class continues to shrink, what are the difference-making traits exceptional black men possess? Which behaviors are separating them from everyone else?

Let’e start with a definition of “Exceptional.” Here’s what Webster has to say:
1. being out of the ordinary 
2. better than average:  superior
3. unusual or uncommon: unusually good: much better than average

Technology and social media give us ever greater access to peek into the celebrity status lives of these “out of the ordinary” people. We can see, even vicariously experience, their success. Before we get caught up in the  “Likes”, “Shares”,“Tweets”, and “hearts” that dominate our attention we should stop to ask ourselves, what are the exceptional consistently doing that the average don’t?

Thou Shall Sweat Thy Ass Off

Exceptional black men are ready to outwork everyone in the room, even when energy is lacking. They take immediate action, especially when average man stands still. They’re in control of their choices and creating those action-taking habits is a MUST for them. They’re frustrated with average results, and they’re the first to fail, but keep going until they get the results they’re after.

Thou Shall Seek The Path of Challenge

Exceptional black men believe in one principle; adapt or fail, because change is constant. Change is inevitable, and the exceptional adapt. If they want quick results, they know challenges will arise, and that’s okay. They’re not shy in the face of risk, because  — They’re risk-takers. 

Thou Shall Prioritize

In an age of constant information overload and a hyper-digital world, laser focus and the right habits have never been more important. Exceptional black men focus on the number one priorities and respectfully say no to the rest, they don’t over-commit or compromise themselves. They walk up and focus on their goals first thing in the morning and before they go to bed. Distractions are the enemy of exceptional results.

Thou Shall Be Poised

Exceptional black men possess a quiet confidence and exude sincerity in their abilities to execute with excellence. They’ve endured pitfalls and had their share of face plants, which have strengthened their confidence in what they can achieve. With high self-awareness and a strong dedication to self-improvement, they’ve acquired confidence in themselves.

Thou Shall Be Knowledgeable

They can carry on a small talk conversation in an elevator or command a conference room with their savvy and intellect. They don’t fall prey to information overwhelm, they skim through available resources and pick out the most relevant information that others missed. Their insights assist in achieving monumental goals.  

Thou Shall Be Problem Solvers

They’re self-sufficient problem solvers who think outside of conventional wisdom. They’ve seen the cliff and taken the leap into the unknown. When things are uncertain, they thrive and meet the demands uncertainty brings. They solve problems with a macro and micro view. They’re visionaries with the foresight to see beyond the problem and well into the future.

Thou Shall Be Purpose Driven

When outside events collapse their worlds, their purpose drives them forward. The average man lacks a sense of what they’re meant to achieve, while exceptional black men move with unwavering faith. For the exceptional black man, “why” they do things matters more to them than “how” they do them. Their purpose is their greatest resource of internal strength.
What we’ve discovered is that exceptional black men are go-getters, and fearless in a sense that they use their fear to stay alert, but don't allow those fears to stop them. They seek clarity by goal-setting; they have unwavering faith in their abilities; they learn from adversity, they persevere, they’re out of the box thinkers, and they know why they exist. 

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