The 5 Traits of Being Manly

A man is many things. Protector, builder, provider, father, brother, etc. Here at the Voyade, we celebrate those who uphold the values of what a superior man is. A boy who took his walk into manhood has experienced all the sorrows and successes of a man. In today's article, we'll discuss 5 traits that normally lead men into living successful lifestyles. 

A Man Holds Himself Accountable

A man should always hold himself accountable. I was always raised to never make excuses. Or to blame the next person. When you fall you dust yourself off, figure out where you went wrong and try not to make the same mistakes next time. I see a lot of guys out here that just would blame everyone for everything that happens to him. It’s typically the traits of a narcissist and trust me there are a lot of those type of guys around. However a real man can’t afford to not hold himself accountable. You'll find it difficult to get far if you don't.

In some cultures, religions and households the man is seen as the head of the household and sometimes the only provider. The family leans on him to pay the bills and provide. If he blows his money on things that aren’t important and the lights get cut off or there isn’t any food. He can’t blame anyone but himself. A man has to hold himself to a high standard. A having accountability for his actions is the first step.

A Man Must Give Respect, Earn Respect, And Respect Himself

People tend to treat you based off how you treat yourself. If a man takes himself serious then other people will take him serious as well. A man gives respect but also doesn’t tolerate disrespect. If disrespect comes his way he nips it in the bud quickly before it becomes a bigger problem. If someone can get over on you once they will try it again.

A Man Should Be Stable

A man should at the very least be able to provide for himself and keep a roof over his head. Of course life happens to everyone. You may lose your job. Or your house and car may just spontaneously combust in flames. Life happens but it all goes back to my first point which is holding yourself accountable. And being able to adapt to your situation.

A man should have some sort of stability. You can’t be bouncing from job to job or home to home or even woman to woman. Now if you’re bouncing from a job to a better job that’s different. But there are guys out here they can’t keep a stable job or even a stable roof and basically mooch off of everyone around them and of course will blame everyone for their misfortune.

Tighten up gentlemen.

A Man Should Be In Control Of His Emotions

A man should be able to put his emotions to the side and be able to make logical decisions. A guy that leads with his emotions tends to be the guy that’s always in some sort of trouble or in a situation that he can’t get out of. If you are the head of your family sometimes you can’t afford to make emotional decisions.

A Man Should Be Responsible

Responsibility is the difference between a boy and a man. A man should be able to do things for himself and others without having to be asked to do it. A man should be reliable not just in his words alone but also in his actions as well. He should be responsible with his money and know where his money is going every month. He should be able to take criticism and build off of that to become a better person.

A boy on the other hand spends his money foolishly. Not knowing where his money goes. A boy makes false promises. A boy has to be told to clean or even to take care of himself. When a boy fails to hold responsibility he complains, procrastinates, and blames others.

In Conclusion

It’s not about who can yell the loudest or boast the most. It’s not about who can drink the most and hold their liquor. Being a man isn’t about who slept with the most women or most beautiful women. It’s about holding yourself accountable. Respecting yourself and others and being responsible.

The loud minority of men just aren’t taught how to be men. Whether because there wasn’t a man present in his adolescent years or because the man present simply wasn’t man himself. There are boys out here watching us. If you have sons, they're learning from you. It is our job to hold ourselves to a higher standard. To take ourselves seriously. We are leaders gentlemen. Nothing less, nothing more.

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