Are Black Women Too Masculine Today?

It's a mess out here today! However, it's a mess with a PURPOSE and honestly, needed. Today, more and more black men are beginning to stand up to black women and shouting from the rooftops: 


From Kevin Samuels to the "Manosphere", black men are starting to wake up to how our communities, more so in the United States, is centered around pleasing and serving the black woman at the detriment of these communities. That doesn't sound so bad until you understand what "pleasing" and "serving" mean to black women today. 


  • Telling black women they can do no wrong and they're always "right"
  • Withholding accountability for lewd and often inappropriate actions
  • Allow her to lead even when she has done nothing to prove she should
  • Stroking their egos CONSTANTLY
  • Telling black women that men should accept them as they are no matter what
  • Coddle black women like children and avoiding them when they're "upset"
  • Sparing black women the harsh reality of the truth or facts
  • Not standing up for himself


  • Being a traditional black man (paying all the bills, working, providing, etc.), when black women refuse to be a traditional woman (cooking, cleaning, maintaining the household, etc.)
  • Often times sacrificing friends and family to a woman black men are not married too
  • Black men taking on the traditional values of the black woman and everything the comes along with what that means
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of the black woman's actions
  • Sacrificing one's life to defend a black woman who refuses to support him
  • Providing and funding for black women's lavish lifestyle and not holding the black woman to any standard
  • Accepting disrespect in order the keep black women "pleased" or happy

As you can see, the order of any successful black household has been severely compromised. What happened? When did black women become so "out of order"? What makes this situation even worse, these black women honestly believe they are the victims. That they require protection when black men are targeted at triple the rate that of the black woman in the United States. 

Just like I told my lady:

Most black women are fighting the truth about the lack of accountability held against them just as hard as white people fight the truth about racism. Maybe even worse.

Anytime a black man addresses a black woman's behavior, they're met with HARSH and destructive criticism. Usually, black woman reach for:

  • He's GAY
  • He hates black women
  • Somebody must have hurt him
  • He's disrespectful
  • He's ugly
  • Nobody wants him
  • He must hate his mother
  • Men do it too

This list goes on and on. It's a never-ending slew of insults that could complete destroy his confidence. Yet the one thing they NEVER say is that:

He's wrong.

What's even more interesting is that recently these out of order black women have even attacked Iyanla Vanzant and Mo'Nique, two prominent black women, for calling out this bad behavior.

It's very similar to dealing with children when they don't get their way and told they're wrong. For the longest time, black men have been told that a "happy wife makes a happy life". So men would just not address the issues at all just to keep his woman happy. Who wouldn't want a happy household, right? Wrong. It's not a happy household when the woman is the only one who's happy. 

The most interesting and damaging strategy that women are using today to attack brothers who woke up to the foolishness is sending other men, who have accepted and fell in line to the new order, to attack their brothers! Men actually defending the ridiculous behavior of most black women today. The sad part is that these men are doing this in hopes that these women would give them a chance (sex, relationships, etc). 

Not realizing that the men they are attacking are the men who those black women are attracted too! In essence, this is a problem in the masculine energy that black women have taken on. Leading households to ruin and further destroying the black communities. The roles have switched. Black women are fighting to hold on to behaving like a black man! They want the power without any of the responsibilities that black men face.

Most black women today are out of order and refuse to accept that the reality of their actions are destroying our image (much like the "rapper" image of black men) and they refuse to hold themselves accountable.

To conclude this, I'll end this off with a little story. I asked a friend before that if black men acted like the black woman today and black women acted like the black man today, would the roles seem natural? He was confused until I explained to him that :

Black Woman Today = Masculine

Black Man Today = Feminine

What do you gentlemen think? Are you on the side of the truth or going along with what most black women are feeding you today? Let's hear your thoughts!

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