Thoughts of A Tired Black Man: You Don't See The Problem?

So after seeing countless posts on Facebook, from black people, on how black people need to "do better" and "be better", I have come to the conclusion that these people truly don't see what the problem is or haven't been paying attention or it hasn't effected them....yet. So I will explain to you why those people are rioting and looting on both sides (black with white) in that city.

A small fraction of the police (racists, bigots, hateful people) has been a problem for many communities for many generations. You don't answer peace with violence. You don't answer forgiveness with murder. Everyday you cling to peaceful protests, best believe, you're giving them (racists, bigots, hateful people) PERMISSION to kill you, your sister, your brother, your son, your daughter, your uncle, etc. because they know you're not going to do anything about it but pray and take a walk holding up your fists.

These people don't care about your protests and never will. They will find ways, like they always have, to twist the meaning behind your peaceful stance (#blacklivesmatter) with no, #alllivesmatter. Even twisting an act of simply taking a knee to send the message, "I will no honor a flag that would allow people to kill just because you're black", and turn it into, "I don't honor the military's sacrifices".

Peaceful doesn't work because they themselves are NOT PEACEFUL. They are a people of war and hate and will not change simply because you're peacefully protesting. This is not all white people mind you, just the ones who've been breed to hate and judge you based off of the tone of your skin.

So after figuring out that peaceful does not work with a non-peaceful people, that last thing they could think of is what you see now, rioting. Which is a step back from hunting and killing these racists, hateful people. They're TIRED of seeing these killings and see these people go free. They're TIRED of seeing unarmed black men murdered because they "look" dangerous and the courts allowing these murderers to go free. Even the white people there rioting with us, after witnessing first hand how they treat us, was sickened by the display of total disregard of human life. Rioting gets their attention because it hits those who can make a change to policy in their pockets.

For those who are saying they're "killing their community", think about this: Who OWNS that community? Who owns the businesses? Who writes the policies? Who makes the laws? I promise you it's not the common folk. These are material things and can be rebuilt stronger than ever. But if you don't show those who would kill you without a moment's hesitation that you're more than willing to fight back, that their actions has SEVERE consequences, the senseless treatment will continue. It was never their community. Maybe this will change that, no, I KNOW it will change that.

For those who are using the statistic that more whites are killed by the police, keep in mind that those people are killed due to SHOOTING at the police. If you're shooting at me and I'm a cop, yes, I'm firing back. If you're going to use that statistic, please use the reasons behind those kills. Most black people killed by the police were UNARMED at the time and usually not a threat. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.

If you wish to still peacefully protest, just know, it won't change their minds about you. It may rally the peaceful people around you, but it won't rally them (racists, bigots, hateful people). They're still going to see you as a threat. They're still going to kill you. History has proven that. The present has proven that.


If they can do it, why can't we? Right now, it's not a choice, it's a REQUIREMENT. My heart goes out to that family and the hundreds if not thousands of families who lost their loved one due to senseless killing.

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