Why Policies WILL NOT Change In America

By: Lorenzo L. Sellers, Founder

Racism is a problem and practice of those in power. Change out those in power, remove racism from the top.

It's amazing and also extremely discouraging to see that even here in 2021, the black community is still dealing with people who still seek to do us harm. Policies and laws are still slanted to favor the livelihood, safety, and power of white people before it would ever benefit black people or anyone else of color en masse. What's even more tiring is that we honestly expect those same white people to help us change these policies that benefit their wealth, safety, health, and livelihood to include us.

As a business owner, I've learn to adopt the mindset that if I want something to change in my life, I MUST CHANGE IT. It's the only way. God will help but he won't do it all on his own. Faith without works is dead.

That way of thinking has changed my life tremendously. Taking responsibility over the quality of my own life has given me a different experience than most people in my own community. I'm not saying I'm better because of that, just living a different way. We as a community must all take on that mindset if we TRULY want change in OUR country. We must stop thinking that those white people in power will include us in that deal. Especially since those same people are selling the idea to their white voters that if they include us, they'll get less because of it. That they will be in danger.

Frankly speaking: THAT'S A LIE.

These issues include the police department, our most direct threat. I'm tired of seeing our sons being shot and killed for no offenses to petty traffic stops. We all know they don't deserve a death sentence for asking a policeman why they were being stopped. Not when we seen white men RESIST arrest by striking the officers, use of weapons, and STILL walk away alive. It's a dark day when white MASS SHOOTERS have a higher chance of living from a police encounter than a black boy with a little weed in the car. 

This is clearly unfair and outright evil. 

Something must be done gentlemen. It's time we take responsibility of our communities and position ourselves to govern these communities. The reason why it seems we never win is because we simply don't have enough players in the game. A great example would be our law enforcement numbers. 

67% of Police officers are White (Non-Hispanic), making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Representing 12.4% of Police officers, Black (Non-Hispanic) is the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation. This chart shows the racial and ethnic breakdown of Police officers.


It doesn't stop there either. A study by the Reflective Democracy Campaign on the demographics of elected officials in the United States found white men hold a majority of positions at all levels of government.

Despite white men comprising only 31% of the population, 97% of all Republican elected officials are white and 76% are male. Of all Democratic elected officials, 79% are white and 65% are male, according to the study. A factor in the discrepancy, RDC says, is a problem with who runs for office.

Of Republican candidates, 73% are white men and 23% are white women. Men of color make up 3% of candidates and women of color make up 1%, according to the study.

Of Democratic candidates, 55% are white men and 27% are white women. 11% are men of color and 6% are women of color. White women make up 31% of the population; men and women of color make up 19% of the population each.

"Politics is not the kind of open, competitive playing field we'd like to think of it as. It's more like trying to be inducted into a fraternity," Brenda Carter, director of the Reflective Democracy Campaign, told The Washington Post. "I think the No. 1 problem is the political parties and other gatekeepers who choose candidates. I always say the parties are like hiring committees, and they're doing a really bad job of presenting voters with a range of candidates who look like the American people."

The power of incumbency is another "starling factor in the race and gender imbalance," according to the study. 52% of elected officials run unopposed (let that sizzle in your spirit), of these, 87% are white and 58% are Republicans.

And we wonder why most policies in the United States benefit white people over any other "race" of people in the US. The dirty truth is:

Simply not enough black people are becoming players.

We cannot expect these people to look out for our best interest and truthfully, we can't afford to keep thinking like this. Our lives and our children's lives depend on our decisions and actions now. Our ancestors fought, protested, and died for us to have the opportunities we have now to run and take office. Obama was a clear example what those opportunities taking root. I believe we missed a golden opportunity to flood office when he stayed in the White House for 8 YEARS! That's not to say the opportunity is gone.

Gentleman, I do believe it's time to stop wishing and hoping for change. We must become that change for our communities and take our place in governing. Finish what our ancestors started and stop thinking that those white people in power will help change this country and move it forward to where it should be:

A diverse country who's powerful not because of the color of one's skin, but the different minds that covers each other's weaknesses. We are stronger diversified than we will ever be on our own. The Civil War was a prime example of that. 

Time for change. Enough complaining. Time to work.

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