A Black Man’s Wardrobe: The Gentleman's Clothing

Construction of the black man’s wardrobe is something of a serious nature. The context in which we will define construction will be: the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones.

Your image is a representation of what you have to offer the world. Are you struggling with your image? Are you a black man? So where do you start in building your wardrobe. The one thing many black are not taught growing up is the importance of their image.

Black men either don’t care or don’t know what their image does for their lives. As a result being inattentive and not caring what you wear is what happens.

You are judged within 10 seconds of meeting someone. It’s not always what you know in life, but what others think of you that creates opportunities.

Therefore we will construct a wardrobe for the black man to benefit him in all situations and events.

In the process of building your wardrobe there will be moments of trial and error. You will discover how you like your clothing and what types of clothing you like. The well dressed man you have been searching for will start to come out slowly.

Don’t go out and purchase all of the items discussed all at once. It will not be in your best interest. It takes years to develop an all around wardrobe. The articles of clothing purchased will be considered an investment because you will get many years of wear out of them.

The construction of your wardrobe will be one piece at a time. Do your homework and find out what article you're going to buy and where. Let’s start the construction of the black man’s wardrobe. The black man’s style is vibrant, rambunctious, and very alive.

Dress Shoes

Your outfit begins and ends with your shoes. Shoes make or break the look you are trying to achieve.

Dress shoes should be one of the first items purchased when building your wardrobe. Your shoes will build a foundation for the rest of your attire.

The purchase of a good dress shoe will be an investment. Choose a dress shoe of a quality leather. Calfskin leather is good because it has a lighter grain and fiber and is lighter than cowhide.

Another option is full grain leather. It has been minimally treated and the surface has not changed much from the cow to the shoe. Full grain will cost more but will last longer.

Brown and black will be the colors you will want. Brown should be your first choice because it is versatile. Whereas black is more formal and set aside for events like funerals, church, and interviews.

Men’s shoes in general are not cheap, so there is no reason why every man cannot own a pair of dress shoes. Dress shoe styles to start with are the Derby, Oxford, and Loafer. You are now equipped to purchase a key element for your wardrobe, the dress shoe.

Jeans, Chinos, and Trousers

There are some necessary things to know about pants. For many black men comfort and looks are the only reasons that are important when buying pants. These are good qualities to have in a pair of pants. But fit is the focus here.

Fit will give any pair of pants an advantage. Fitting pants will give the illusion of longer legs and this is the desired look. There are three preferences of pants that will always be in style and interchangeable with the attire in your wardrobe. Jeans , Chinos, and Trousers.

Dark Wash Jeans

Choosing dark wash jeans benefits in many ways. There transition from evening wear to night is great and because they are darker they are more classy.

You can dress up or dress down darker jeans. Lighter wash jeans are okay for casual looks but don’t make them your to-go jeans.

When choosing dark denim jeans look for certain qualities:

- slim or tapered fit
- very little distressing
- medium to high rise in crotch

You do want a good quality pair of jeans but you don’t need to spend a lot in the process.

There are a great number of companies now that have options for slimmer fitting jeans.

Jeans have been the idea pair of pants that men choose when they want comfort or just want to go and hang out with friends. You have been wearing jeans most of your life, now look good doing it.


Wearing jeans all the time gets old quick. The chino pant will add a bit of interest in your wardrobe. The first chinos were U.S. Army military issue pants.

They were called chinos because they were made in China. The Spanish term for Chinese is Chino.

With a military uniform background the chino was established as a more formal style. But they have made a lot of ground in fashion since then.

Chinos won’t be far out of your comfort zone. They are just as comfortable as jeans and are durable

Chinos will provide a very fashion-forward look for your wardrobe.

Chino pants are also cut slimmer with a closer fit.


The trouser is a must for every black man’s wardrobe. Owning a well fitted pair of trousers is important for a man’s image because of what it symbolizes. A pair of trousers shows that a man means business and cares about his image.

Keeping things on the side of style we will go with flat front trousers. They are simple, nice, and have a sleek look for the modern day black man. That means no pleats in your trousers.

The length of your trousers should rest at the top of your shoes and shouldn’t bunch up more than once. Also called a medium break. They should be worn at your waist line or slightly above and fit good in the butt area (the seat).

Wear your trousers for more than just the special events. By doing so people you will have people asking and wondering why you are so dressed up. You will start to see that your clothes are attracting opportunities.

Now you can begin to understand what your wardrobe does for your life.

Slim Fitting Dress Shirts, T-Shirts, and Blazer

When buying a shirt you might think the only thing to consider is what size shirt to buy and if you like it. Men that are overweight opt for shirts that fit them baggy. These baggy may fit the way you want and feel comfortable but they actually make you look larger than what you actually are.

They give you more of a box shape. Your shirts should compliment your appearance no matter the body type. It’s unflattering when you have too much fabric billowing and bunching up all over the place.

Slim Fitting Dress Shirts

Slim fitting dress shirts use less material so you have less shirt hanging loosely. Up until recently a majority of shirts had a classic fit to them.

Popularity of men’s slim fitting shirts has grown because of how they make you look. These shirts will give the look and feel of a tailored shirt. White will be your first choice of color, than light blue. These will be your foundation colors.

From here you can expand to other colors and designs. Next make sure they fit you in the shoulders. Next time you go shirt shopping try on a classic fit and a slim fit dress shirt any you will notice a considerable difference in fit.


Why in the world would a t-shirt be a part of your wardrobe. To be more specific the white t-shirt has been a part of men's fashion as we know it. There are mainly two styles of white t-shirts in a few different styles.

The crew neck and the v-neck. Whatever one of these options you choose make sure it is fitting to your body. T-shirts should have no designs on them and buttons add interest and look stylish.

T-shirts worn with a leather jacket, blazer, or bomber jacket are amazing looks that you can’t beat.

Men have always been wearing t-shirts as their to go shirt. With the versatility of the classic t-shirt at your disposal you can wear it with many different things.

This simple garment gives you many options to look your best.


The blazer jacket does more for your image then you realize. It is unbelievably versatile and a classic piece in it’s own rights. The blazer jacket instantly does many things.

The blazer jacket will allow black men leverage to make a statement. It adds credibility and makes you look respectable. There are many things to consider when buying your first blazer.

Go with navy in color as it will compliment most outfits. This next thing you cannot get wrong, as it must fit you good in the shoulders. If it does not fit in the shoulders you will not be able to get it tailored. It is very difficult for a tailor to fix.

The length of your sleeves should be around the knuckle on your wrist and the base of your thumb. The overall length should cover your butt. And it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose when you button it up.

With your buttons go with three buttons and never button the bottom button to allow the blazer to drape the way it’s suppose to. And last go with wool to mostly all wool in the material because your blazer will last longer.

Overall a blazer jacket will slim your waist, build our your shoulders, and make your torso longer. This guideline will help in the purchase of your first blazer. Most blazers will not fit perfect off the rack so you will need to get it tailored.

This small investment in tailoring will give your blazer jacket a good fit to your silhouette and many years of looking sharp.

The Suit

The suit will reign in your closet. A suit will change how you look at yourself and how you see things. You will have a sense of empowerment and confidence when wearing a suit.

There is a psychological effect dressing sharp has on a man. The big picture becomes clearer when wearing a suit.

Without realizing it your thought processes are changing. The same things are applied to suit as a blazer and a pair of trousers.

Take your time in finding a tailor that meets your needs, and build a relationship with them. This affair is important.

Does the man make the suit or the suit make the man? Well both are equally true because it’s a process.
When you start wearing suits they build belief in yourself.

With time that confidence builds your style and comfort of wearing the suit.


You are now on your way to constructing a wardrobe fit for a black man. After attaining the items for your wardrobe the impression of style (black man’s style) will begin to show.

There are many ways for you to obtain all the articles of clothing to construct your wardrobe. Be creative and use your imagination with getting each piece. There are always sales going on. You can find great deals online (eBay, Amazon), and don’t be afraid to visit thrift stores.

You will be amazed at what you can find there. Each piece should be thought through and don’t shop on emotion. Have a clear mind when shopping.

Something as simple as the construction of a black man’s wardrobe will catapult you into situations that bring you closer to success. Whatever success is to you.

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