Why Confident Gentlemen Are More Attractive

Gentlemen, we've seen brothers who had no money and no social status, attract women at higher levels than a brother with everything going for him. That's because confident men are more attractive. As long as you have that, the world and women, are to your beckon call. 

The real question here is: How can you tell you're a confident man? What separates them from everyone else? 

Well, that's what where here to address today. Confidence is the cornerstone of a gentleman. You'll be hard pressed to find one without it. Do you have what it takes to be confident? Let's find out.

You can handle any situation

Think about it. Knowing how to handle tense scenarios on the spur of the moment requires confidence and a belief that you’re strong enough to deal with whatever the world throws at you. Showing that you can conquer a problem with quick thinking also suggests intelligence and an ability to resolve difficult situations like a gentleman. Practical, real-world skills like these will always be attractive.

You're a positive thinker

Studies have shown that confident people are, overall, also more positive people. One of the best ways to show your confidence is, of course, with a smile (but dish them out appropriately – you don’t want to come off as creepy). And since our daily lives continuously throw us negative qualms, showing positivity and optimism, even during the darkest of moments, is certainly an attractive quality. Remember, there are a lot more positive than negative things in life so keep that chin up.

You demonstrate strong team leadership

Having the ability to orchestrate a team with different personalities, ideas and strengths takes great confidence – but it’s also one of the key traits needed for success in life and business. If you’re stuck between bickering team members, have the confidence and initiative to take control, create order and get things back on track. Of course, no one likes a dictator, so having the charm and charisma to also get along with your team and smooth over difficult periods comes as part of the confidence package.

You build trust and friendships

People have a sense for suspicious individuals who, in general, don’t stand their ground or rarely offer their opinions. Confident people, on the other hand, tend to have close friends and plenty of acquaintances. Why? Because confident people tend to display the type of extrovert qualities that make them feel comfortable interacting with other people, sharing jokes and planning social events, making them generally more interesting to be with. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry – practice makes perfect and, before you know it, you’ll be the life and soul of the party.

You’re comfortable in your own skin

We’re not suggesting you go overboard and become Mr. Vain, but a true marker of confidence is being comfortable in your own skin. This isn’t about being the best looking man in the room – it’s about being happy with who you are as a person. Confident men stand upright and carry themselves in a way that suggests they are at ease in their surroundings; making plenty of eye contact and displaying welcoming body language. Whether it’s in an interview setting, a first date or meeting the family, your confidence will help those around you relax and make the entire occasion go more smoothly.

You'll get job offers and promotions

Your boss hired you because, as well as your qualifications, you showed confidence at interview. Become too complacent, however, and the tables may turn, leaving the more genial guy next to you to snap up the promotion you thought was yours. If you’re serious about your career, and the social benefits that come with climbing the ladder, stop twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your boss to give you a gold sticker and start creating reasons why you should get that promotion. Hiding away in the office doing good, isn’t good enough.

Or, you'll simply start your own company

Some of the world’s richest and most famous business owners really did start from nothing. But what did they have that many others didn’t? The confidence to abandon a life of working for someone else. They were optimists, with courage of their convictions, the leadership skills to build trust with peers and investors, and above all the guts and confidence to start their own business.

You strike the balance between confidence and arrogance

There’s a very fine line between confidence and arrogance and, while it may be hard to know when you’ve swayed either way, it’s important to find the balance. Confident men are more observant and considerate than arrogant men (who tend to walk over others, thinking they’re charming when, in fact, they’re just irritating). Confidence sits alongside elegance. You stand up for your views but you never impose them. You debate but you never argue. You have respect for other people.

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