The VOYADE was created after realizing that most beard care companies for men just emulated other popular brands. Our goal was to create a quality, incredibly-detailed, result oriented beard butter that didn't make over zealous promises. We like to operate outside of the "norms" and away from the long-standing gatekeepers of the beard care industry by infusing our brand with a rich history of great men who contributed to our society for centuries. This is our way of honoring them and men who exudes the same ambition.


Throughout history, there have been great men who accomplished great feats of heroism and innovation despite the uphill battles of fighting the very world they contributed too. That's where the story of the VOYADE begins. The VOYADE is a ideal that has been passed down from centuries throughout the world. For generations, the VOYADE spirit has had a tremendous influence on the foundation of every country. 

From kings to your everyday gentleman, the VOYADE spirit has guided individuals to reach their highest destinies. With putting in Virtuous, Optimistic, Youthful, Articulate, Dominating Effort in everything they did, they insured their spot in history, creating the way for future generations of men to follow. The very symbol that we brandish on our products puts that strength of will on full display. 


It has long been the dream of at least some significant segment of African Americans to have a powerful and influential elite, what scholar W. E.B. Du Bois called in 1903 a “Talented Tenth,” of cultured, educated men who would lead African Americans by example and through advocacy and political action.

As much as Howard University Sociologist E. Franklin Frazier excoriated the black middle class, from where the Talented Tenth was supposed to emerge, in his 1957 polemic, Black Bourgeoisie, he did not condemn the idea of a Talented Tenth or a black elite. He condemned the black middle-class for not living up to its responsibilities to provide such leadership. The black middle-class was not a useful elite; it was, for Frazier, a largely parasitic class that was shallow, anti-intellectual, and filled with self-hatred.

The black religious and political radicals—like the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam—felt much the same way: the bourgeoisie was no sort of worthy elite, but the radicals, representing a “vanguard” in a Marxist sense or a “remnant” in a biblical sense, were. Many of those who most vehemently oppose the idea of an elite, such as political radicals, are often the most committed to its necessity; after all, in their view, the world winds up being divided between the “inspired” or the “woke” and the “uninspired” or “sleep.” And, as always, the inspired are few and the uninspired are many.

The concept and function of an elite has long been a conundrum for African Americans who, because of our history of persecution, stigma, and relative powerlessness, feel there is a great deal at stake about who determines the future the group should aspire toward, who constructs the group’s role models, who rewards its excellence and achievements, and who articulates the group’s values. In short, who gets to say what kind of group the group is? These tasks are, normally, part of the job of the group’s elite.

Our main mission and major goal for the VOYADE is to increase the number of inspired men to lead themselves first in creating a more prominent society for the community. To create more men who care about his community. To create more men who can make the hard decisions that will lead to better standings in life. To create more men who are financially literate and prominent. To create more men who classifies as the elite.


Even though the VOYADE is still new to the market, it's mission is as old as the creation of the first black millionaire. We're simply taking on the baton and continuing the journey toward the economic and social equality of black people from around the world. Our goal is grooming men to step up and take on the responsibility of leading each other toward a brighter future with a positive image. We're changing the narrative about black men by changing the image of black men on social networks and within individual social circles around the world. We're not "thugs" or "criminals". We're kings, leaders, the elite.