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Beard Butter Sample Box

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Not sure what scent you want to invest in? Try our sample pack and get the full assortment of 1/4 ounces of our oh so soft Beard Butter set within a perfectly threaded aluminum tin. Scent names are listed on the box for reference. 


CROWN (Refreshing Floral and Musk)
CASINO (Leather, Cedarwood, Lemon and Spicy Tobacco)
GOLD (Allspice, Nutmeg and Vanilla) 
KING (Spicy-Sweet, Musk, Sandalwood) 
LUCKY (Patchouli, Vanilla, Clove, Sandalwood and Leather)
REIGN (Tobacco leaves, Citrus and Bay Leaves) 
WEALTH (Patchouli, Vanilla and Rum)

Ingredients: Jojoba Butter, Moringa Butter Avocado Butter, Hemp Seed Butter, Argan Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax) 100% Pure Essential Oils & Fragrant Oils

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Customer Reviews

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Adiddas Bonds


Adam Jacobs
Great Box

I am looking forward to trying all the different fragrances included in the Sample Pack.

Charlesray Long
Tried a couple

I’ve only tried Reign and King so far...lightly scented. Hopefully the others contain more fragrance.

Tremaine Wimberly
Pleasantly surprised!!

After sampling the 7 beard butter fragrances (still using them) l, I was thoroughly impressed by them all. Although I have 2 favorites, King and Lucky, all of them were very good as well as the beard oil. I'm so glad to have these items on hand. The soaps and especially the lip balm, I will make sure to have a stock pile of items. Almosy forgot, the hand and foot balm is priceless. During the winter especially, no matter how much lotion i put on my hands and feet, they still get dry and cracked. This balm is amazing.

Sean Demory
Great introduction!

I've used Lucky before, but hadn't quite settled on a second scent. Fortunately, The Voyade set this great sample pack up for those of us who want to dip a toe in before committing. Quality's great, scents are distinctive and there's enough for a few uses of each even for those of us with more substantial beards. Great product!